Word Stacks Game Review

Dear Friends! If you are playing the Word Stacks, become addicted, and want to finish it quickly, then you are at the right place to get some GOLDEN support to find the general Answers + Many of those Extra words than rewards you additional coins.

Word Stacks is a word finding game created by PeopleFun. This game is compatible with any device and has an excellent rating by users. While this app is free, there are optional in-app purchases. It has five-thousand levels. This game has 5-star rating players. While it does contain advertisements, there are not many, and they are not noticeable.

Word Stacks is a fun game that starts quite easy until about level 30, where it starts to increase difficulty.

The further you progress in the game, the more you obtain coins rewards. You can watch a video or take a survey if you want more coins.

It is an enjoyable way to challenge yourself and expand your vocabulary. Each level has a different theme for the words, and you have to find, such as “Eats the Garden” or “Birthday Party.”

Word stacks have five different stack packs (common, general, usual, ordinary, and familiar). Each pack contains forty unique puzzles, and you can quickly jump onto any puzzle you want. When you begin the game, you are given a word block with eight additional blocks stacked on the left side of the display. You need to pick and drag each block over the other.

A good match is the highlighted green, but at times, there are more words that have the same relation or meaning, so it is up to the user to plan which block makes the best association.

Users can re-stack the blocks as many times as they want, or fully begin over by pressing the reset key.

Talking about the presentation, the game has a well crafted and perfect menu design. The relaxing background music is satisfying enough and fits well with the full theme of the game.

There are two-hundred levels in total, that sound quite a lot of killing time. And last but not least, each puzzle needs some brainpower to solve.

Features of the game:

Improve Your Vocabulary

Ease and exercise your mind with the remarkable Word stacks!

This word puzzle game may be easy at first, but it gets more hard as you clear more and progress to higher levels.

Can you guess all the words? Test your vocabulary and logic expertise and try to answer as many word stacks levels as you can.

This addictive brain teaser game is brought to you by the geniuses who made Word Chums and Wordscapes. These games have won the interests of millions of other players from around the planet.

Enjoy 1000s of challenging puzzles and word games

Word Stacks has 1000s of challenging and evolving levels. The Word puzzles shift and replace every time you guess a word.

Every one of its three-thousand levels gives players have a fresh challenge and a new set of words to find.

If you are best enough to pass these levels, just wait for future updates since the developers will include more hard ones!

If you are stuck on a certain level, or if you are out of these techniques:

  • You can use unique power-ups to help you get through.
  • You can shuffle the letters
  • You can use the light bulb or the spyglass to show hidden letters.

Finding more words and surpassing more hard levels will not just earn you power-ups and unique rewards, it will also permit you to unblock custom themes and more backgrounds.

The need for coins in Word Stacks

To get all these power-ups and bonuses to work, you need coins!

And lots of them too.

There are different ways that you can get coins, such as finishing up a chapter or simply picking a reward.

There is a daily reward where you can get coins. The more extra words you find in Word Stacks, the closer you get to win a coin reward. If all else fails, then go to the store and purchase them.

It is also easy to earn a few coins by doing one of 3 things. The first is to watch some videos.

The next choice is to play some other games that are on offer to get rewards. In some cases, all you need to perform is download and run a few applications. The third choice is to complete some surveys, and coins go straight in your purse.

It is time to get stacking

With this game, you will experience a word game with a twist.

Take your time as long as you need it; the game is not timed.

Use your powers of deduction and figure out all kinds of related words.

Take up the challenge and try out this game right away.

The power-ups and bonuses to propel you forward.

The game can get hard, mainly when you have blank areas starting at you, and you just cannot figure out the words. This is where your pretty bonuses come in, and Word stacks are three different types that you can pick from here:

  • The first is the Spyglass. Click on this, and you will have a letter that begins the next Word perfectly highlighted. All you need to perform is swipe, and the Word will be shown.
  • There is also a light bulb. When you click on this, one of the letters will be shown in the circles above, making it simpler for you to guess at a word.
  • You may also need a replacement of perspective. You can get this by clicking on the shuffle icon. This way, the letters will shift around, and you will be capable of finding the words quicker.

Use all of your brainpower.

There is a secret in Word Stacks to figuring out how to play this game.

That is, by using the power of deduction. You need to look at the letters and take a moment or 2 to figure out the words.

The topic for each chapter comes in extremely handy here. As you fill in more and more words, it will become simpler for you to complete the levels. There is something that makes it all valuable. The more skilled you become, the more levels will be included for you to experience.

Useful Tips and Tricks

As the game contains simple controls and pretty hard gameplay, gamers need to apply more tricks and tips in it. The following are some vital tricks and tips about which all users must know.

Get more coins

It means that users need to get more and more coins.

Earn resources

The resources are earned by reading more stories and completing more chapters.

Link with Facebook

Coins are earned by logging in the game, or you can say that by linking the game with Facebook.

Register and make a new account

it means that users need to create a new account or register in the game. It helps them to earn coins in the game.

Inviting friends through Facebook:

To earn the best amount of coins, people must invite their friends with the support of Facebook.

Sum up: What I love in this game?

This game is truly addictive.

It is such an easy idea, but it is simple to put the words in the wrong order if they are synonyms.

For example, you need to consider how the second Word links to both the first and third words, while also weighing in on how the third Word will connect to the fourth Word, and so on.

You can play all the game word stacks for free; in-app purchases varies between 3 and 9.99 USD.

There is also a section that tracks your successes, including how many puzzles you have done and how many you have done correctly.

Thank you