Wordscapes Answers [ Level 1 to 6000 ]

Wordscapes Answers [ Level 1 to 6000 ]

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If you are playing the Wordscapes, become addicted, and want to finish it quickly, then, you are at the right place to get some GOLDEN support to find the general Answers + Many of those Extra words than rewards you additional coins.

Wordscapes Answers :

Wordscapes Answers

Now the game is finished but after living this topic, let me introduce you a bit of Wordscapes Game Review.

Wordscapes Game Review:

There are just so many differently themed levels ranging from the canyons to the desert; from the tropics to the jungle, the themes used are not forever biomes. Sometimes, you get seasons and nature-related themes too.

Each level houses several individual levels and to unlock the next level, you will need to clear all the levels first.


Replay value

There is no replaying the same stages again as you enter hard ones. Luckily, you probably would not have to. Your progress is synced to your Facebook ID, and you are not supposed to lose it even after you uninstall and then reinstall the Wordscapes, this is not common; it could not be found for example at word villas where you can not find this option.


As you start the game for the first time, you are given a tutorial on how to make the words by swiping over the letters. That is all you need to know; the rest is tapping keys. If you suddenly miss swiped and form an incorrect word, just drag your finger back to undo your selection. It is much simpler than you might first think.


The developer, Peoplefun, Made every stage in-game representing a scenic nature view or a season.  There are such themes as:

  • Ocean,
  • Autumn with charmingly animated falling leaves,
  • Winter,
  • Mountain, colored by the pink-and-scarlet sunset rays
  • Jungle,
  • Sunrise etc.

And every level has sub-levels. E.g. in Desert you will find Dune, Spire, Rock, Sierra, etc. Apart from sweet backgrounds, Wordscapes specs a non-intrusive, perfect, and relaxing soundtrack.

More than 6000 crossword puzzles to solve

Start easy and get a challenge:

You might think that coming up with fresh words with 3 letters is exciting but that is not how Wordscapes internet games work.

You will start off easy but more hard words pop up as you advance on every level.

The puzzles are grouped into parts where players can scramble letters presented to them.

Swipe those letters constantly as you guess words rightly.

While the game is simple to figure out, it is not the simplest to win. So better keep your mind sharp.

No boring moments:

If you are looking for amazing ways to kill your time, Wordscapes might be one you are looking for. This word puzzle game has many challenging levels that will keep your mind alert. Experience nothing but real fun while playing Wordscapes. Join more than ten million players globally who cannot stop playing this unbelievable word hunt game.

It is a crossword:

Wordscapes is a crossword without clues. Begin a game and here is what you will see:

  • Lines of blank areas, just like crossword
  • A shuffle key that mixes up the letters on the wheel
  • A wheel of six letters, very unlike a crossword
  • No clues
  • A start key that shows your bonus words
  • A lightbulb, Bullseye, a Rocket and possibly a Bee

Gameplay could not be easier. Just spell words with the letters you are given to fill the blanks on the display. Fill them all, you have beaten the stage. Keep an eye out for extra words; if you can spell something with your letters that do not fit in the puzzle, it earns you Coins. That is the game.

Power (Ups) to the people:

Bear in mind the Lightbulb, Bullseye, Rocket, and possible Bee? They are the powerups. Wordscapes lets players earn 4 types of helpful hints, each with a sweet little icon.

  • Lightbulb shows 1 full word of your choice.
  • Bullseye lets you show a single letter behind any blank of your choice.
  • Rocket pops in a spray of fireworks pixels, showing different letters at random.

The noble Spelling Bee shows letters and leaves coins on the puzzle’s hardest word.


Like any famous free-to-play game, Wordscapes has in-game currency. Wordscapes coins can be earned through the game activity, playing bonus words (one coin per word), filling in the extra word on some puzzles (one coin per letter), leveling up (twenty-five), and collecting stars on Daily puzzles (up to hundred if you get enough). Coins purchase powerups. Powerups win games.

Tricks and tips for Wordscapes

Many people believe that no tricks and tips are workable to play for this game. They ask for wordscapes level answers. Somehow to getting out the right answer or put into your game is the best but not all the time.

If you are utterly and really stuck, you can forever buy a hint. Hints cost fifty coins each and will provide you the position of one letter of a random word you have yet to find. If the word you need is very long, you might need to purchase multiple hints being capable to guess what that word is.

That said, you can simply earn coins by inviting friends to the game.

You can also watch a video advertisement to get twenty-five coins for free.

To get this option, you will need to press the Shop key and then exit without purchasing anything.

Definitely, ultimately, you can buy more coins using true money.

Get started with the bonus word

There is a choice to unlock a supportive tip by sending some coins in this game.

This idea is especially helpful when you get stuck. But the question is: from where will you get these coins? The best news is that you can get the coins by guessing the bonus word that emerges somewhere in the puzzles. Mind you, the bonus words are not linked to the game board. So, if you clear all the puzzles before guessing the word then you will forfeit the chance to guess the bonus word.

Involve your friends

When you text or email your friends about Wordscapes, you are making yourself eligible for three-hundred coins. To get on with the activation choice, all you need to perform is click on the little person icon that is at the base left corner of your screen.

Complete your daily puzzles

When you complete your daily puzzles in Wordscapes, you get rewarded with coins. The coins are also up for grabs when you make a bonus word. How many bonus words are accessible to you in the Daily puzzle is difficult for any person to guess. But each time you make a bonus word, you will actually get rewarded with coins. Bear in mind, you can also earn coins when spelling words that are not on the board but are found in the key mode.

Watch the video

In case of any issue and your family member and friends will never be active to grant your help. You should be searching for the video of that game level. That vide has full guidelines with the blue you will be fast adopted in your level.

A powerful educational background is vital to play this game. When you are literate, you will definitely know the words to some extent. If you do not know, regarding the words, then the use of a dictionary is amazing, very as well.


Playing a puzzle-based game can help to better your memory and issue-solving expertise. Many puzzle games are out there, but Wordscapes is the top one. This game permit players to enjoy different specs that have been included by developers to make it stunning. Beginners should get help from the Wordscapes tutorial in order to play the game in a successful manner. And for other brain-racking game ideas, try word stacks game which is not exactly like Wordscapes, you will definitely learn something fresh and exercise your brain. The aim of this game is to also to swipe but not to find words from dico, they should be related to the theme provided in the level.

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